Yes, it is a new coined word.


noun: thumblosopher; plural noun: thumblosophers


A person engaged in spreading philosophical messages by the use of his thumbs. A social media addict not having an active life or an active imagination is usually a Thumblosopher. Unlike philosophy, it is not an academic study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence but a mere display of non-existent wisdom. Someone who practices Thumblosophy.

Origin and Etymology:

Something that started with all fingers using a physical qwerty keyboard slowly evolved into the usage of just thumbs.

It is derived from two words thumb + sophos. The word ‘thumb’ is self explanatory and the word ‘sophos’ means wisdom (derived from the Greek language. So thumblosophy is wisdom from the thumb (literally for the dumb).

Branches of Thumblosophy:

Broadly categorised branches of thumblosophy include-

  1. Thumbism – it’s the latest ‘ism’ in the world. This is a movement by social media regulars to educate the world. They feel everyone who doesn’t read the quote they just saw will miss out on the absolute truth in this world. Even if it is something as basic as ‘Good Karma’ – it has to be pushed down everyone’s throats.
  2. Thumbysics – another branch of physics that scientists would dread to analyse. ‘If you don’t forward this to 10 people you will be cursed’ they say; God has started arm-twisting for social media presence too!?! ‘Like this photo and type Amen – you can see a miracle!’ Einstein would be tumbling in his grave!
  3. Thumbology – the study of everything in the universe by using thumbs. Nothing really seeps into the brains of thumblosophers. All they do is see…read…think about how smart people will think they are when they forward it to them…forward…next…repeat!

Each one of these categories can be further divided into many subcategories but that I will leave to your imagination. I hope the word dictionary websites accept my application else this post will become food for all my thumblosopher friends out there!

Good Day!.



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