Instigated murder

A regular day at work was followed by a long walk along the promenade. Jones, a consulting lawyer had been in business for over twenty years. He had come across some absolutely unbelievable crimes but this one topped the list. Could a person talk someone into killing a third person? Was the power of suggestion so highly underrated in the world? The walk helped him think clearly and a cigarette was like the cherry on top. He had a long drive back home – 2 hours to be precise on good days. Crushing the butt of the cigarette under the sole of his designer shoe, he headed for the car.

His wife had taken his collection of songs with her for some hen party the previous night. This was going to be a long and dreary drive. He had barely driven for ten minutes when boredom set in and he switched on the radio; his only choice. “Good Evening humans” said an enigmatic voice over the radio, “This is RJ Sam…your host from the heavens.” This was the reason why he had stopped listening to radio; too much talk and boring music.

The city life is full of parasites” said thman-141052_640e RJ, “Parasites that need to be killed.” A social message, thought Jones, do they really think people listen to this banter? “Look around you” continued the RJ, “Do you see a parasite lurking around – waiting for an opportunity to suck your blood?” Jones laughed out loud and yelled “Of course I do.” He had been stuck at the red light for fifteen minutes and was losing his patience too. “Why don’t we do the society a favour and smash this dreadful parasite?” said RJ Sam.

The light turned green and Jones hit the gas. He suddenly saw a giant leech approaching him in the middle of the road. He honked hard but the leech was headed towards him. Anger, hatred and fear were all that he could feel. He shifted gears and accelerated towards the leech crushing it under the wheels of his hatchback. He had done it – he had survived. The radio was playing ‘Disarm’ by Smashing Pumpkins.

The next thing he knew was police cars had surrounded him and were yelling “Sir, please get out of the car and keep your hands where we can see them!” That broke his delirium. He raised his hands up in the air and stepped out of the car.

There was a man lying dead under his car – a priest.

His car radio had been dead for months!



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