A journey that started with a dream. A story that had to be told. The most seamless completion of a fiction tale ever. The characters seemed alive and guided me through the story. I wasn’t creating – merely observing and writing.

What do you do when science, religion and philosophy cannot answer the questions raised by life?


DATHISBRTH – a new word; sounds a little German. A strong word nevertheless. These were my first thoughts when I first saw this word scribbled on a door in my dream.

It was February 29, 2016. That month was filled with ups and down. My dreams have the tendency to reflect the state of my mind. This particular day was a stressful day of sorts. I had witnessed an accident, lost a friend’s family in a car crash and had been spooked by what I felt was a ghost. Plopping myself in the bed, I tried counting sheep to help me fall asleep. What followed was something that I would never forget.

I saw that I was walking along a dark corridor. A sudden turn landed me face to face with a door with the word ‘DATHISBRTH’ written on it. The word looked unfamiliar and I reluctantly opened the door. It opened up to a bright place. A world like the one we live in but there was something uncanny about it; something I couldn’t get my head around. I started walking. There were four friends trekking up a mountain with their camping gear in tow. I was with them all the time but they couldn’t see me. There were many things that were different from our world. Their lives, the mysteries and the thrills were mine too.

I woke up within an hour but the dream seemed like a lifetime. Picking up my notepad, I quickly scribbled the dream before I went back to sleep.

This story is a fictional recount of that dream.

#Dathisbrth #thriller #paranormal #novel #transcendence


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