Battle of “Schoolbus-gar”

Mary was in her mid-thirties.


One son – Adam.

John – Good husband but perpetually busy either in work or in thoughts.

Living in a city like Mumbai had its advantages and disadvantages.

Her day would start at 6 in the morning with a tug-of-war between her and an unknown force; the bed sheet being the rope. She would be the first to rise and the peace in the morning was probably the only time she experienced solitude. A cup of green tea by the window overlooking the overgrown mess of the city was comforting. Her family was doing better than what she saw around and it brought a feeling of contentment in her.

Green tea was not purely for health reasons – she would love a nice aromatic Masala tea but the ease of making it made her reconsider the benefits it apparently provided. She had those 7 minutes to get geared up for a hectic day ahead.

Tying her hair up in a messy bun and getting the kitchen rolling, she would rush to wake her kid up from his slumber. The school bus arrived at 6:45 and she needed to get her kid ready with 35 minutes.


The Battle of Schoolbusgar

She was a lone warrior. Her comrade (husband) was still recovering from his fatigue of the battle of the previous day. But she had no choice. Picking up her kid from the bed or dragging him from bed at best, she would shove the toothbrush in his hand. Then she would hurry to fill his school bag with the relevant books – talking to her son all the time. She had to do it else he had the capability of falling asleep at the wash basin with the toothbrush in his mouth.


Switching on the geyser, she would run to the kitchen to pop some toasts or boil milk for the muesli/oats breakfast. She couldn’t stop talking to her son intermittently and after pushing him for his bath, she would start getting his lunchbox ready.

Two recesses was a luxury for school kids, she would often think because that would mean two lunchboxes for a long and short recess. The mandatory clause of variety in the tiffin-box was frustrating.

Getting her son dressed for school and making him eat the breakfast was an uphill task for the most experienced campaigner too! Half way through his breakfast she could usually hear a familiar sound…honk…honk! The enemy was at the gates. She couldn’t lose this battle because then she would have to fight the battle of “Dropsontoschoolgar.” Tying his shoelaces as he munched on his breakfast she usually managed to send him down just in time.

The battle won!


A quick glance at the clock and it was time for “Sendhusbandtooffice-gar.” But that is for some other time…watch the space for more…


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