Review 6

Platform: Amazon

Link: Link to review on Amazon

Date of review: September 25, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5

Reviewer Name: S.D.


MUST READ. Every now and again a new writer changes the way stories are written.

This review is from: Dathisbrth: A transcendental thriller (Kindle Edition)

I have been an avid reader since my early teens. A bibliophile to the core of my being. I experiment with a lot of genres as a good read is all I desire. I saw the promotional content and the trailer for this book on youtube and was intrigued enough to go hunting for a copy. Unfortunately, the author had released only ebooks. I have always read paperbacks/hard-bounds but somehow I took my chances of reading my FIRST ebook; Dathisbrth.

Review – No spoilers.
The language is absolutely brilliant! The undue complexity of words was brilliantly avoided. The first few pages had me hooked to the book like Agatha Christie had done when I was younger. The author has a wonderful understanding of the word ‘Mystery’ and every turn of the page had a surprise in store. Nowhere was it overdone or written just for the sake of creating a thrill. Fast paced, thrilling, relatable, scary at times and fluid are the few words that can describe this wonderful journey of a book.
I don’t usually write reviews unless the book is excellent or ridiculously bad. This one will stay in my shelf for years. Looking forward to more such young and brilliant authors.



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