Review 7

Platform: Goodreads

Link: Link to review on Goodreads

Date of review: November 09, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5

Reviewer Name: Maryann Troche


Absolutely a Page Turner!

This story grabbed me immediately! I literally couldn’t stop reading and God help anyone who disturbed me. The only way I did was because I simply couldn’t stay up any longer and passed out on the pillow. If it wasn’t because I have to go to work this book would’ve been completed in 24 hours. This story keeps you going and wondering what is really going on. It’s a story wrapped around theory. Well, theory for outside speculating readers but for me I completely resonate with the author. It’s facts as far as I’m concerned. I am on his page and feel the author and I could have never ending hours of excellent conversations. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The ending was perfect! Excellent exceptional story line written to have you open your own eyes to wonder and think about what are you really doing?


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